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The Best Casinos for the Average Gambler

Everyone should experience the joy of being in a casino at least once in their life. Putting your money at the end of the thin branch can be especially thrilling, especially for the adrenaline junkies. The best casinos are a place of almost bizarre odds and air not unlike the aura of an upcoming prize fight. Knowing what good casinos cater to your wants is a step in the right direction for new gamblers.

The Star City Hotel and Casino is one of the largest casinos in Australia – which is no small feat for everyone involved. Among the basic necessities, it possess and offers to gamblers, two floors of pure gambling joy, numerous bars, seven delectable restaurants and hundreds upon hundreds of hotel rooms and apartments for those who want to stay close to the action. Notably, for the resident gamblers as Star City is one of the best casinos accessible is that it’s the only casino which is legal in Sydney.

The aforementioned two floors in Star City are filled to the brim with special areas. The first area is used for general entertainment. For the high rollers novoline sizzling hot and savvy players, there’s the aptly named Sovereign rule, where the bets and thus the thrills range from the meager and somewhat uncommon twenty five dollars per pet to the amazingly ambitious seventy five thousand dollars per bet. Star City caters to all kinds – it could even cater to you.

Opposing Star City in terms of presence is the also well-known casino known as the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex. Averaging over two hundred thousand people per day, this particular casino should be on the list of anyone who wants to scour or canvas the casinos. Notably, this casino stays open all the time, twenty-four seven, except for three particular days – Good Friday, Anzac Day and of course, Christmas Day.

Part of the Crown Casino’s notoriety comes from its opening day, where the beautiful Rachel Griffiths streaked the casino on its opening night, making it one of the more legendary casino openings. Perhaps more amazing things will occur when you go visit it.


Casinos will be around long after any of us are gone, which means you can take your time in drinking in the sights and sounds of each casino you will happen to patronize. Whenever you decide to explore the wonders of places such as Star City or the Crown Casino, take your time and smell the roses in the casino. You won’t regret it.

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